Saturday, February 27, 2010

Who made you remember?

A little survey for the update of our blog. We would like to solicit your opinion and thoughts.

When you think of Batch 98, who is likely to come up in your mind? And why?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

2009 Batch Reunion

Sorry Batchmates for the very lousy updates. We're trying to keep you updated from time to time but McAdmin is very busy.

Anyway, here's the blast from the Christmas Reunion held on December 28, 2009 in Zibo Cafe along Narciso-Rizal Streets. The number of participants was impressive. The previous reunion was outnumbered. Hope we gather more in the coming events and activities.

Thank you so much.

(If you have updates you wish to share to our Batch, please email it to

All girls

All boys Kar? hehe

Kanya-kanyang eksena

Mga gwapa

Pauline: gwapa sa tanan gwapa


mga buotan. coke an tagay

and then replaced by red horse

pati mga girls red horse

the game: how to drink red horse (according to bethsam)
but i think the real title of the game is: How to drown someone using red horse.

paningkamot bernadette. imagina lahi imo gitotoy.

with matching touching. Pauline enjoying the moment. bahala mapildi.

queen of the gang

Chur na Cabs?

hinay hinay na pangadajang

Aguy si vanessa

hubog na?

ginhawa delfin!

real men version. nakabayos si pauline sanan bernadette

nag ilog sa tagay. hurot na an budget.

Party does not end in Zibo. Bethsam organized another party. This time in the beach.

totoy nimo pauline... kalaong ko ba conservative and dalagang Pilipina.

Acknowledgment goes to Verna Velasco for industriously collating the photos. Same goes to Karen, Bethsam, and everyone who shared their photos.
Special mention to Karen for organizing the reunion and also to those who significantly contributed their efforts leading to the realization of this reunion.
To those who came and shared their time, thank you very much. Hope to see you again in the coming reunions and activities.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

This Christmas..

Christmas is fast approaching. And i was thinking that, same as me, everyone wants to make good deeds before the year ends. Or if not, make a worthy undertaking that is memorable and took only once in a year.

So here, please take a moment to answer the poll below.
What Cause do you want to share this Christmas?
Bundle of Joy (BoJ)
Batch Reunion (BR)
Feeding Program
BoJ and BR
I have a suggestion

If your choice is Bundle of Joy, can you pledge to share your unused and spare goods like toys for kids, shirts, jeans, or anything you think can give happiness to anyone? Perhaps a small amount to buy simple presents and share to the choosen recipient.

If your choice is Batch Reunion, can you swear to offer your active participation and cooperation, rain or shine? This is just every once a year anyway. A time where you'll get to meet fellow Batchmates you missed for years or decades.

If your choice is Feeding Program, is it ok for you to share a small amount to buy foods and participate in the actual distribution of foods?

Or perhaps you want to have Bundle of Joy at the same time a Batch Reunion. Why not have 2 Activities.

Or do you have a suggestion? Please feel free to write it at the comment box.

Monday, September 14, 2009

2009 Alumni Homecoming Parade

Batch 98 produced a copious delegation during the 2009 Alumni Homecoming with batchmates aboard the kewlest float in blue themed Barrio Fiesta on September 12, 2009.

Thank you so much to those who joined the celebration and actively participated during the planning and preparation. Thank you to the generous batchmates who shared their blessings. We'll provide you update on the financial statement soon.

Let us grow our number next year. Dont get tired sharing your time in every activities.
Thank you and see you all in our Reunion in December.
See you soon.

Photos courtesy of Verna Velasco.
P.S.: Pau can you draft a write-up about the Homecoming? thanks.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Homecoming Preparations

Batch 98 in action during the decoration of the Batch Float, one night before the big day.

1. Karen Alinsunod for leading the preparations
2. Claire Gulle for the tarpaulin
3. Florinda Caba for the venue
4. Maysan Cuartela for the invaluable assistance
5. Pauline Alfante and Bernadeth Peligro for spearheading the decoration.
6. Verna Velasco for the photo coverage.

Above all, thank you to ALL and EVERYONE who shared their time and effort to make the whole preparation successful.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Who is your Batch 98 Nominee?

The Search is on!

Who do you want to be nominated to this year's alumni homecoming as Most Outstanding Alumni from Batch 98? There can only be one nominee that Batch 98 is going to recommend. He/she has to be active in community development activities.

Post your nominee at the comment link below not later than August 8, 2009. Thank you.